Well oil’d machine

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We lack that designation.  We’ll get there or fail.

Oh well, frack it!


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Fishing is hunting, in a passive way.  Full belly congruence, dissimilar feelings about it’s capture & consumption, compared to a deer?

On WordPress, I’m going to continue to write what strikes me, & it will probably be unrelated to the topic of solar power, sry.  It’s my prerogative what to write & your choice t0 read.




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I appreciate the silence behind words, they’re more telling.

Power Thought

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The least of us who care about another, the most of us unfortunately become…in some regard.

I received an email…

Name = Richard Brown
State = California
FromEmailAddress = rbrown@totalisenergy.net
Comments = Greetings, 
Our company is in the process of exiting the solar installation business and we have excess solar panels, inverters and batteries to sell. 
All items in original packaging.
1. LDK 245-P-24 and 250-P-24 500kw
2. LDK 280-P-24 500kw
3. LDK 285-P-24 600kw
4. Perlight 300w 500kw
5. ET solar 295w 700kw 
1. Delta 5kw
2. Chint 10-20kw
1. Prismatic Lithium ION

I'm sorry to see them go out of business but, there might be some high end solar equipment at discounted prices?  Thought I would share.

Have a good one,