Kids Solar Energy Projects

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you’re into solar power, chances are that you have, or know, children that you’d like to encourage to learn about its potential.  In keeping with this blogs theme of “do it yourself”, I thought I’d try to find some curriculum and fun solar projects suitable for kids K-12.

One of the first sites I came across was Florida Solar Energy Centers section on education.  For younger children there is a link to Energy Wiz (click on experiments) which outlines projects like making a solar oven, a solar still and electrolysis. Below is a video about the State of Florida’s Energy Whiz fair which should give you some ideas for projects you could undertake with your kids.

EnergyWhiz Olympics from Florida Solar Energy Center on Vimeo.

This site out of Canada – Green Learning has renewable energy projects like the wind turbines, hydroelectric generators and various thermal solar ovens.

Try out this page for renewable energy lesson plans from the Texas State Energy Conservation Office for additional teaching ideas.  The lesson plans are a bit dated (2005-2006) but as it turns out, the information is pretty timeless.  The sections are broken down into K-3, grades 4 & 5, 6,7,8 and 9-12.

If the kids are still at the age where coloring is fun, here is a free solar energy coloring book you can print out.  Also check out Solar Answers for Younger Kids.

This last link is from Teaching & Learning Resources from Federal Agencies – Energy.  It contains all around great information and projects as well.

Do you have any good solar activities for kids to share?

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