Even if you are a do it yourself solar guru, at sometime you’ll come across something that you’d like another opinion on.  I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best solar energy forums that I could find online.  As of today, all of the sites are very active and are comprised of many solar experts who are eager to assist members with answers to complex questions.  I am a member of almost all of them so if you come by Megahertz38, that’s me! 🙂  The list is in no particular order and they are all worth a visit and you never know, one of them could save your project!

Solar Panel Talk – Very useful site with a focus on whole home solar installations.  Many knowledgeable, veteran solar industry members.  There are typically a couple hundred people on the site at any given time.  Conversations here are usually pretty technical in nature.

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun – Another active forum with a primary focus on home solar setups.  Also contains a section related to wind turbines.

Green Forum – This website has a portion about renewable energy but also topics about green building, education and jobs. Currently, there are over 3000 users.

Simply Solar – This is a pretty new forum that was created out of a Yahoo solar DIY group.  Several members and the guy who runs it are experienced solar do it yourselfers.

EcoRenovator – Headings at this site include things like renovations, solar and wind energy.    Has over five thousand members.  And 200 very active ones.

Homesteading Today – Contains over 4 million posts and almost 40,000 members.  Sections range from alternative energy to gardening.

Green Building Adviser – Complete source for building, designing and remodeling green homes.  The link takes you to the questions and answers portion of the site.

Greener People – Not a super technical forum but has energy, building and green products topics.

Online Conversion – This is a great resource for anything related to converting units of energy.  If you have a math or conversion problem, this is definitely the place for answers.

Field Lines | Other Power – Hyro, solar and wind are just three of the major discussion topics on this extensive board.

So there’s my 10 best solar forums / discussion boards list.  Did I miss a really good one?  Please let me know!

  1. Terry M Gresham says:

    Reblogged this on okieprogressive.

  2. kimwhite374 says:

    Great list! Thank you for sharing.

  3. solarelectronic says:

    Very nice post about solar power. Thanks!

  4. Rupal says:

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful

  5. TJ says:

    We are building an off grid home in the woods. Physicist Carl Johnson has an interesting web site –

    -that provides information on several self-sufficient ideas. One idea is generating electricity using solar power from a 16′ x 16′ X 3′ greenhouse lifting a weight with such rapidity it will spin a generator large enough to power your house but simple enough to DIY.

    We have inquired of C. Johnson on several occasions to provide contact info. for anyone who has succeeded with such a generator. He has not responded to this, but has responded to other questions. That makes me wonder if anyone has done this? I am looking for someone here who knows of the existence of one of these devices?

    Also found a discussion here questioning Carl Johnson’s formula.

    I welcome insight, analysis, and discussion on this generator.

    Thanks for the help!


  6. In trying to figure out how much money I was actually saving with my PV array I created this program. All you have to do is fill in your production numbers from the SRP statement and the calculator crunches everything for you based off of today’s rates. It took me a few hours to create this and I feel like it’s a great tool for anyone who has an SRP grid-tie system.

    Calculates actual numbers:
    1. Your return on investment or ROI.
    2. The number of years the system will take to pay for itself.
    3. The amount of money you would save on EZ-3 VS. Basic or TOU VS. Basic
    4. The monthly savings in your electric bill from solar.
    5. The total amount of electricity that you’re paying for.
    6. The monthly percent of energy that comes from solar.

    My entire article is here –

    Download link –

    I hope you find the tool as useful as I do!

  7. Solar Energy says:

    Nice to this great list of solar forums,thanks for sharing with us!!!

  8. Arjan says:

    is solar panel talk always that … SLOW??

  9. Rory Collins says:

    Great list thanks,
    I opened a store that is just DIY, or purchase and get a electrician to do it 🙂

  10. Markus Lambert says:

    There is also a terrific site in Australia with 250 solar FAQs and a calculator that let’s you pop your panels on your roof to see how many will fit it’s on . I played on these calculators for nearly an hour and now I know I can fit an 8 kW system on my home.

  11. Wayne Card says:

    I have been building solar trackers for years now … for grid tied systems trackers do not give you much bang for the buck but in other situations such as hot water or lighting solar trackers can increase the performance of your panels significantly.

  12. Cecil Baird says:

    Won’t return to Solar Panel Talk. Someone started a thread on politics and when I posted an opposing view on the third page, I was admonished for posting “political tripe” and told to go to Yahoo. You’re not welcome there if you don’t go with the political flow of bashing the present administration. It would be a good idea to not allow politics all together on the site vs. selective moderation.

    • Megahertz38 says:

      They are like many, an opinionated bunch. Sry
      Free speech is paramount to most change & unfortunately they can regulate it within their domain.
      Regardless, get your view out! We are all in the same boat & answers are hard to come by.

  13. Cecil Baird says:

    Thank you for this website and your thoughtful response. Cheers!

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