Weird Energy

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I find myself reading this website… (probably too much) –

There is allot of craziness to be found there yet, places like it could yield a life changing discovery. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” or believe that ‘Solar power hasn’t really taken off because big oil doesn’t own the sun’, there may be some interesting articles for you.

I find that I read it for hope & change.  Not for me or any political reasons, more so for my 9 year old that will inherent our complacency.

The site is a confusing cluster ~ mess, but I am not alone in finding it interesting.

What do you think?

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey, I’ve actually followed PESWIKI for about 8 years. The site has developed and grown and was originally developed by one guy trying to wade through all the junk available about energy, free energy, zero point energy, etc. There are a hand full of of promising technologies on there and it seems like they do a good job of analyzing technologies and sending engineers to review technologies as they come out in an effort to have products/ideas be more ‘acceptable’ to mainstream science and tech.

    That being said, I’ve also worked in renewables (solar) for 8 years, and have not yet seen anything become commercial available and affordable in any meaningful way. I’m sure it will take time, but I’m like you in hoping that one day the issue won’t be how are we going to make our energy, but what will we be doing with the overabundance of it available all around us.

    If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, check out Wilhelm Reich and read about Tesla’s real goal with the Wardenclyffe transmission tower (there’s a great biography available that’s an easy read). Supposedly JP Morgan pulled funding for the project when he realized his goal was to provide free energy through the air like radio and TV waves. It’s a fascinating read.

    Anyhow, nice blog. Keep it up!


    • Megahertz38 says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for the post. I absolutely love Nikola Tesla and am familiar with the tower & extenuating circumstances. My other solar power site has a dedication at the bottom of the homepage to Tesla ( ) I’ve been reading about Reich (was unfamiliar with). Very interesting & diverse interests. Definitely see a parallel w/ Tesla in unrecognized genius. I’m certain that I will read more about him.
      Thanks again.


      BTW – I have a strong aversion to lovers of Thomas Edison (THE FATHER OF ELECTRICITY!??!) due to his treatment & tactics concerning Tesla during the AC/DC battle. (and other reasons) You’ve probably seen the PBS documentary from a decade ago (it seems like there was a more recent one but, maybe on a different channel?) –
      Also, the book burning aspect of Reichs’ story is troubling?! Good stuff, thanks.

      • Megahertz38 says:

        Did you determine me as a zealot? Deduced by lack of further correspondence? I’m actually very “normal”. Anyway, another person in history I like allot is Edger Casey. For a bit (horse style), I lived a few miles from his grave in KY. I never went to see it though. I regret it now that I’m older.
        I truly believe & fear, that if some unique individuals don’t escape the “mainstream” there will be no stream but, stagnant water in which to suffocate with triviality.

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