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The least of us who care about another, the most of us unfortunately become…in some regard.

I received an email…

Name = Richard Brown
State = California
FromEmailAddress = rbrown@totalisenergy.net
Comments = Greetings, 
Our company is in the process of exiting the solar installation business and we have excess solar panels, inverters and batteries to sell. 
All items in original packaging.
1. LDK 245-P-24 and 250-P-24 500kw
2. LDK 280-P-24 500kw
3. LDK 285-P-24 600kw
4. Perlight 300w 500kw
5. ET solar 295w 700kw 
1. Delta 5kw
2. Chint 10-20kw
1. Prismatic Lithium ION

I'm sorry to see them go out of business but, there might be some high end solar equipment at discounted prices?  Thought I would share.

Have a good one, 

I truly believe & fear that, if some unique individuals’ don’t escape the “mainstream” there will be no stream but, stagnant water in which to suffocate with triviality.  Retort?  

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Donate to a Good Solar Cause

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From as long as I can remember, I’ve been fond of the Native American people & culture.  Our ancestors’ treatment of them and their property was disgraceful & it pretty much continues as such, in my opinion.

Anyway, I came by a project that intends to give 10 passive solar heaters to native families.  The implementation would help create jobs on the reservation and save the home owners 20-30% a month for 20 years+.  It’s almost funded, & they aren’t asking for much.

If you are interested in assisting your fellow co-inhabitants …

Give Now

I know this (and the last couple posts) is off topic from DIY Solar projects but, I will either get back on subject or populate a new blog.




If You Do

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One of the things forgotten on the movement to ‘new’ energy is the fact that our homes are so inefficient / old.  A typical American home wastes more than that of a Chinese home, so says she… http://theenergycollective.com/sbattaglia/193441/us-most-energy-waste

Regardless, we compete for resources like the animals we are.  It’s pretty much paramount to survival.

If you are looking to make a difference in your own dwelling, button up the windows and doors.  (the attic is a beast, btw)

An energy audit is a rational way to start & you can do it yourself too.  Here is what it basically entails – http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/do-it-yourself-home-energy-audits  It seems simple but if your looking to save money, its’ a precursor. If you’d like to be energy ‘rich’, invaluable info.